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My art represents the relationship between mind and emotions expressed in colour, fluidity, texture and shine. As a woman with many learning disabilities, my art is an expression of who I am and showcases my feelings, my personal challenges and diversity. I love to focus on the imperfections in the paint because I believe imperfections are what make things unique and different (and therefore beautiful). Painting is the one place I feel completely safe to be my true self. When someone buys my art, they are truly getting a piece of my heart. 


Candace Campbell describes herself as an “emotional abstract artist”. Using vibrantly coloured acrylics, watercolours, and resin, she develops pieces of art that capture her thoughts and emotions as they occur. Though her earliest work included landscapes and portraits, she now almost exclusively produces non-objective abstract paintings, preferring to use tools to create her work, rather than a paintbrush. Candace is a self-taught artist who has been featured in local exhibits and media in Lindsay and Peterborough, Ontario and on the New York Art Gallery website. She continues to work diligently at her home studio in Lindsay, where she also teaches art classes to local children and emerging artists.

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Candace Campbell



Candace Campbell is the author of seven romance novels and is now writing motivational books as a life coach. Candace is an author with learning disabilities including dyslexia and ADD as well as she has a comprehension and communication disorder. Candace stories are full of diversity, love and heartbreak.  She is driven and determined to keep writing stories. “No obstacle too big to stop me from living my best life and making my dreams come true. “

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