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Motivational Breakup Book


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Breakups are hard, I created this book The BREAKUP.  

To help women understand what happened and how to move on.  

The Single Book


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Celebrating Single 

This book is all about celebrating your single life. How to be single? Is it possible to be single and happy? My books takes you on my personal adventures and gives you different ideas to help you find happens in your single life. 

Romance Novels


Forbidden Moments


The worst night of Talia’s life was what started her greatest passion. Her whole life was built around lies—she never knew the truth until it was too late. She lost her mother and then almost died because of her father’s secrets. Happy moments never lasted long until more lies and heart ache took over her life. As a result, Talia became whatever or whomever people wanted her to be, losing herself along the way. Then one day fate pushed and kept pushing her towards Emerson Rose— a man who was everything she wanted; mixed with everything she needed to stay away from. He had a power over her and she was drawn to the sweet seduction even though it was forbidden. If they weren’t supposed to be together why did fate keep pushing her into his arms? She tried so hard to resist him but their connection was too strong. She had to know— to feel, to love. No matter what the consequence...



 “Sometimes in life there are only two options, and in Veronica case, both options had unfortunate endings.”

Now that her father was dead and he can't hurt her anymore doesn't mean that the skeletons in his closet can't get her. Veronica wants to protect her sisters from everyone finding out their family's dark secrets. She decides to run from the cops. Leaving her sisters to fend for themselves. She sets out on a journey of self-discovery and creates a new identity. On her adventure she meets dark and mysterious Edwin a lonely traveller with some dark secrets of his own. She tries to resist his charm but she can't help being drawn to him. Could it be fate? Even if they can both get over the darkness from their pasts. She can't run from the truth forever.  



 “No one can hurt me when I just let them take what they want from me.”
Claudia was lost, frozen with fear and utterly damaged by life. Four years later Harold Burns’ presence still lingered. To escape from the pain in her heart she tried anything but the momentary escapes sex, drugs, alcohol left her feeling hollow and displaced.
Beauty may be a curse if that’s all a person thinks they are worth. To her, the world was such a vile place. Claudia desperately wanted normality; to be loved and to love but the damage was so hard to let go of. She has to learn to face herself before she can move on and be happy. 

Indie Author With Learning Disabilities